Blood Bowl - Denmark

Danish Masters 2018 - SCORE

Danish Masters 2018 - Tournament Series is organized by Mr. Nuffle and Tripleskull.


The Series is comprised of several tournaments, arranged by different tournament Orcanizers.


Danish Masters 2018 - Tournament Series are NAF sanctioned.




January 6 th: Rogue Trader Pricetag Winter Challenge (RESULTS ARE CALCULATED)

February 11th: Rogue Trainer - EuroBlood - Turncoat I (RESULTS ARE CALCULATED)

March 10th: Rogue Bowl III - A springtime Slaughter (RESULTS ARE CALCULATED)

April: Good Karma Tournament 2018

May 5th: Rogue Bowl IV - Danish Open Warmup

June 2nd: Danish Open 2018

August: GardenBowl VII (2018)

September 1st: Aros - Euroblood II

September 29th: Rogue Trader - EuroBlood III



Tournament Series Organizer:

MrNuffle (NAF #2100)

Lars Smail

+45 60649494