Blood Bowl - Denmark

Danish Open 2017

Danish Open 2017 is organized by Mr. Nuffle and will be held in Copenhagen.


Danish open 2017 is NAF sanctioned.


Saturday and Sunday, 3rd - 4th of June 2017.


Where, How and whuts-nuts...



The full rulepack can be found here.



Shinies - Prizes.

There will be prizes for:

1st, 2nd & 3rd place. (And "Dansk Mester", best placed Dane, if this is not the winner of the tournament)

NAF Trophy for the Winner and a special version of the Danish Open 2017 pitch 32mm.


Prize for Stunty Cup.

Prize for most Casualties.

Prize for most Touchdowns.

Prize for best painted team.




2-1-0 - Swiss all the way. Random draw, round 1.




4 Games saturday and 2 games Sunday.

Final schedule is in the rulepack.




Sign up.

This tournament is NAF sanctioned, which in turn means that you need to be a registered member of NAF.

It is possible to pay for NAF registration at the Tournament. This will cost 50 DKR.

(One year membership and a set of official NAF dice.)


Payment PAYPAL :: - add NAF NICK and RACE.

Price 150 DKR.


Danes can use MobilePay: 60 64 94 94.


Your roster must be sent by May 30th, 2017.


You can download a roster here.


Download a guide to a helpful Blood Bowl Timer APP, for your smartphone, here.


Send your roster to Mr. Nuffle. (


ERRATA for Danish Open 2017.

Decision: We will stick with current rules and not use Deathzone 2 for Danish Open.


Stunty teams are:

Halfling, Goblin, Ogre.

Underworld (If they have no skaven in their team except for Star players)


Paticipants (These have actually paid ! - Many more signed up...)


MrNuffle #2100

Arioso #18378

Angusdad #16813

Hana_666 #13014

Gadedrengen #23409

Pidpad #20957

straume #20685

Marloch #21127

horekim #282

pete #23538


Melisqus #16238

the_sage #17382

Runestone #20281

Knaegten #11497

Jaqra #19750

Kervin #23066

Tripleskull #9524

MrCappuccino "11499

LordManHammer #18586


Netsmurf #14387

Ulrik #10155

Alex_yde #6034

Jonno #20251

iltempogigante #21295

Tank #11501

mobo #6048

Gorbit #7542

Datademonen #19572

Bronholmergrisen #24046


topper #6363

badpublicity #22192

Bakunin #18579

Plasmoid #19078





Mr. Nuffle